Monday, March 21, 2011

The first generation at Faculty of political science

Classroom 6 is full! Generation '87, those thirty, at the first sight students without worries, are talking about not so unsignificant topics. Someone loudly, someone by whispering, expresses his dissatisfaction, concern, and some look is wandering between students, asking what actually will they be after graduation? Some of them organized meeting with vice dean of the faculty, who is also the main for cathedra of social policy and social work. Nervous fuss colleague reminded all of them that then was the perfect opportunity to find out whether they would be social worker or politicologist of social policy and social work? Vice dean attempt to, persuade students in validity of Bologna, using demagogy past times, was at the disappointment of all us unsuccessful. Lack of knowledge or ignorance of vice-dean were fully expressed, when she answered on ours questions confusingly, ambiguously and unrealistic. Her concern was the obvious, because she promised then, that everything would be fine, everybody would go to master, get two degrees and find the job! For the first time then, they heard that on the fourth year they would choose between two modules: social policy and social work! They were told that the difference is in a just a few exams, but degree is the same -  politicologist of social policy and social work, instead of SOCIAL WORKER! This information divided students on those who would go on one of these modules. Young, unexperienced, separated students were going by the line of less resistence, perhaps even manipulated, and not realizing that, they missed the opportunity to defend the NAME of the profession of SOCIAL WORKER. And after protest in 2009., with presence of majority professors, situation was still unchanged! Disagreement of professors, about the name of profession social worker, was evident but obviously their own interests were more importanat than the future of this unique, and everywhere approved profession of social worker!
 How much delusions were told then, judge by yourself! First generation of  Bologna, praised by all professors and with a large number of those who graduated on time, received a certificate of graduation - politicologist of social policy and social work!!! Good and commended students were, during the registration at employment bureaus, faced with the fact that profession, as such, does not exist!
Degree disagreed with promises!


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